I want to paddle away from the shores of Chicago and visit distant Midwestern lands.
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Are there any ferries or boats that take day trips across or around Lake Michigan? (leaving from Chicago...) Right now, Lake Michigan looks like a frozen tundra, but I have dreams of escaping for a night or two during the spring thaw. Are there seafaring adventures to Michigan? to Indiana? to Evanston? Or is this some delusional Gilligan-based fantasy?
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In high school, I went on an honor roll cruise on the Spirit of Chicago. It rode around the lake for four hours and came back to the same sport from which it departed. They had some jazz band playing muzak and served a lunch. I enjoyed it, but that was probably mostly because it was a day off from school.

I don't remember how much it cost, but it couldn't have been very much.
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Here are some answers from almost two years ago. Looks like you have a choice of day cruises around the city, extended cruises around Lake Michigan, and further options out of Milwaukee. Bon voyage!
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Not really an answer, but this Reader article from last year came to mind. It might at least give you taste of what it's like to traverse the lake in a freighter.

The Steel Sailors: A ride-along with the men who move the raw materials that make the world go round

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I can't speak for Chicago, but there's at least one option out of Milwaukee, if you're willing to make a short drive, that'll take you (and your car, if you like) across.
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As a ferry fancier I recommend doing a bit of a circle lake tour taking the Manitowoc to Ludington Ferry. And when you go to Devil's Lake take the free ferry across the Wisconsin River. Pure transportation fun.
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Lake Express rides begin in May.
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