I am looking for a free download accelerator/manager for Mac.
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I am looking for a free download accelerator/manager for Mac.

I recently made the switch from Windows to Mac and need a download accelerator/manager. My internet connection stops momentarily every once and a while and is killing my downloads.

I love DAP, but I am not ready to spend the $30 for the Mac version and I was wondering if there are any decent, free download managers for Mac.

Already checked out this listing of download managers for Mac via this AskMeFi thread, but did not find what I was looking for.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: download wizard
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MacUpdate is a pretty good resource for finding freeware (or shareware, or commerical demos), complete with user reviews, comments, complaints, and all with a rating system. It's helped me out in a number of similar situations (I want a thing, but not that thing).
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Response by poster: Awesome, checking it out now.
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Meant to add: Even if it doesn't help in this particular instance, it's a good site to bookmark.
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If you're using Firefox, you might want to grab the DownThemAll extension.
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2nd DownThemAll
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If you decided that you want something more powerful than the free plugins, etc., I'm a pretty big fan of Speed Download 4.
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Response by poster: Downloaded a file successfully with Download Wizard, but DownThemAll stopped the download when the internet blipped, and then started the download from the beginning instead of resuming. Weird.

Any other suggestions?
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DownloadThemAll is buggy on a mac. Personally I use Speeddownload, which is about $30 and it works like a charm.
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Some sites simply don't support resuming an interrupted download, regardless of which tool you're using. Brain-dead, but there it is. If there is one particular site that's always making you start the whole thing over, try looking for an alternative source for whatever it is you're trying to download.
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Response by poster: Thanks flabdablet, but that's not the issue. Downloads resumed with no problem on my Thinkpad, and also are fine if I am on a connection at another location. It's not the site that's the issue it's the internet connection.
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Response by poster: @ mathowie and buriedpaul: if I do end up wanting something more powerful (and costly), any particular reason to go with Speed Download instead of DAP, which I've been using for years?
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