What other texts should I read to learn about the apocrypha and gnostic gospels?
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i'm interested in reading and learning about the apocrypha and the gnostic gospels-- especially the books of judith and mary magdalene. any recommendations on texts and/ or analysis?
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Not exactly about those, but a great general background on the topic: James the Brother of Jesus by Robert Eisenman
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While it may not be as heavy on the commentary as you'd like, the Oxford Study Bible is far and away the best volume a Biblical scholar can own (of course, I am Not a Biblical Scholar).

It includes the apocrypha and excellent footnotes and additional reference materials.

There's also the Oxford Bible Commentary, but I've no personal experience with it.
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You can't go wrong with books by the author of your second link, ronv: Elaine Pagels.
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The Nag Hamadi Library anthology has a ton of primary sources of the gnostic, anti-gnostic, and "five people believed this for a couple of weeks" varieties.
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The Complete Gospels helped me write many a paper in school, when I was a biblical scholar for a time.

Just a word of advice for those out there. A Religious Studies (non-theology) degree is pretty useless, but fun to study.
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Check out Elaine Pagels. She's been writing about this stuff for years.
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Yeah, I'll second the Pagels recommendation.
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Pagels, Pagels, Pagels
(her "The Origin of Satan" is awesome)

also Robert J Miller, Bart Ehrman, Marvin Meyer
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