Advice for good piercing shops in NYC!
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Any recommendations for good piercers in NYC?

So I have (almost) decided I want to get my tongue pierced!

I'm just a little bit scared about what I have been reading (bad experiences of infections, etc) but am sure that if it is a professional, clean place the chances of it happening are a bit smaller...

Does anyone have a good recommendation of a good body piercing shop in NYC? Any piece of advice about tongue piercing also welcome. Thanks!
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I have heard nothing but good things about Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn

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New York Adorned on 2nd Ave and 3rd St. is great. The piercers are really professional and skilled, and the place is really clean. I had my friend come with me who works in a piercing shop in Boston and he gave it his stamp of approval. They also have really interesting jewelry. I went back with questions about my healing time and about how to wear different kinds of jewelry and they really took the time to make sure I got all my questions answered.
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Pure Body Arts
Ohhh! I forgot to title the link. Haha!
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I used to live across the street from Pure. They're off the Montrose stop on the L train. New York Adorned is in Manhattan. Either one is a good choice. new york adorned has a great selection of unusual jewelry. i got a great pair of plugs there.

PLEASE DO NOT go someplace off St. Marks or anywhere that also sells devices for "tobacco use". Don't go someplace just because it is cheap. Be cautious of situations where a friend of a friend is apprenticing and will "hook you up" just for the practice.

Go to both Pure and NYAdorned. talk to the staff, and see which one makes you, personally, feel more comfortable.

After going to a clean place with a skilled piercer, the best way to minimize risk is to take good care of the piercing. Since it's the tongue, don't smoke. Follow their instructions closely, and you should be fine.
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Your mouth will feed odd for about 3 days; your tongue will be too big. You'll bite the piercing a few times, chew gently until you get used to it so you don't chip a tooth. You'll start off with a longer bar, to allow for the swelling -- go back in a couple of weeks for a shorter one to make it more manageable. You'll talk funny for at least a week, but you do get used to talking around it pretty fast.

Eat cold things the first day or so, it'll help the swelling. Pay attention to the after-care rules. It's probably the fastest piercing to heal, and it really doesn't hurt at all.

I took mine out a few years ago, and it healed over completely pretty fast -- I couldn't find the hole any more within probably 3 months.

And I'm told (first-hand, by those who were in a position to know) that it really, really is worth it.
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I got my eyebrow pierced at Village Pop near all the Crazy Fantasy crap on 6th ave. south of west 4th. Professional, used antiseptic/iodine, needles were fresh out of the package, quick, didn't feel a thing.
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When I got my tongue pierced ages ago, I was told to carry around a mixture of half water, half listerine to rinse out my mouth after eating or drinking for the first week. I found that it healed pretty fast. It's now 9 years later, and I still have it, and still love it.
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Nthing New York Adorned.
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I got my nose done at Addiction NYC on St. Marks and it was fine. Nice guys, quick piercing, not much pain.
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I had something delicate done at Andromeda and was impressed not only with the professionalism, attention to detail and hygiene of my piercer, but also his implanted horns.
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Seconding Andromeda... got my first tattoo there while on vacation - the guys there were really nice, laid back yet professional and accomodating (I was a bit nervous).. plus 'Pomme Frites' is right around the corner.. of course, having just had your tongue pierced that may not be a perk. :-)

And yes, for the first couple of weeks I would be very careful when chewing food. You have to learn how to keep the bar away from your teeth when chewing. I got my tongue pierced 12-13 years ago and chomped down on the ball a few times. Didn't chip my teeth but I still have a few rough spots on my teeth where they kind of scraped/gouged the tooth.

Good luck!
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