Help me find a wedding song to perform.
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Wedding Song Filter: I am searching for love songs that I can perform (on classical guitar) at a close friend's reception. It will be performed half in spanish, half in english. I'm a male in the mezzo-soprano to alto range, my guitar skills are novice-to-intermediate.
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"And I Love Her" by the Beatles. The original version is great of course, but there's a super version on this. I've played guitar for a very long time, but I can say with confidence that any intermediate player could pick it up with a few listens and some good tablature. Good luck!
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There Is Love - Old Paul Stookey song.
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Here's someone showing the chords to "There is Love" if you want them.
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My cousin's brother played the Beatles' "In My Life," and it was surprisingly beautiful.
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my wedding included the beatles song 'i will.'

for what it's worth, if you're a guy, your voice is a tenor. mezzo-soprano and alto range are used to refer to female voices.
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One of my all time favorites is Solamente Una Vez, english with chords, english and spanish with other love songs

Three guys at a party - the guy in the middle is doing the base chords (different from the first link) but you ought to be able to get it down with some practice.

I usually play it a little faster, like a dance. YMMV,
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oh, and just substitute A7 for Asus7, unless you're feeling adventurous.
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