i usually love ikea, but those lekman drawers are ugly.
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Help me find storage drawers for my Ikea bookshelf!

I have this Expedit bookshelf from Ikea. I set it up horizontally, and would like to get four containers for the bottom row. I don't like the plastic Lekman drawers that Ikea carries. Ideally, I'd get something like these green fabric cubes from Target, but they are one-inch too big. Where can I find 13" x 13" (or smaller) cubes/boxes/drawers/containers, in a non-clear material (bright colors desired, but optional), without spending more than $50?
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Best answer: Check out ikeahacks.blogspot.com. These kinds of questions is what that site is for!

Recently, a hack featured on the site involved somebody taking the Lekman box and covering the front with old record album sleeves, giving them a whole new look. You could certainly do this with fabric, i would think. (Maybe cut foam core to size, cover with fabric, and then attach to the front of the lekman box?)
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Kololo probably meant ikeahacker.blogspot.com.
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Milk crates are the right size.
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Have you tried The Container Store?
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Funny thing is that Ikea sells a different piece that has two wooden drawers that fits into the exact (as far as I could tell) space that the Expedit uses. It could just be a slide-in module, but it seems they're keeping it exclusive to the piece that I saw it in. Unfortunately I saw it in the store and can't find it on their website, but consider this to be proof that you don't have to use translucent plastic to get the functionality you deserve, but let's hope you don't have to buy four $150 units to get it. :)
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Best answer: I have a row of the large kassett boxes on my expedit shelf. They fit perfectly inside, there are a few color options, and they look much nicer than the plastic bins.
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Response by poster: I have tried the Container Store, and couldn't find anything with the correect dimensions. 13" x 13" is a bit of a unique dimesion it seems. Also, I get lost when Googling, because I never know exactly what term to search for: containers? boxes? drawers? cubes? crates? etc.

I can't be the first person to want non-Lekman drawers in their bookshelf, and am hoping someone else already solved this probelm for me. Kololo's record album trick looks pretty cool, and logic vs love's kasset boxes might also work.
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I have the BRANĂ„S baskets (size 13x14x13") in my Expedit. They're the same size as the Lekman boxes and much better looking.
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I also have the Kassett boxes in my Expedit shelves. They are sturdy.
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here you go. just use shelf paper on the fronts if you want a different color.
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I just bought 2 baskets from Bed Bath & beyond this weekend that fit your description.
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qvtqht, that's exactly what i meant! Thanks!
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