Fructose Free Recipes
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FructoseFilter: A dear friend has been diagnosed with fructose intolerance and cannot digest many foods the rest of us take for granted. Help me cook for him!

Even though we're well aware of the sorts of foods he can and cannot eat, it's been very difficult to find recipes for fructose-free cooking as opposed to lists of individual ingredients that are fructose free. Help me help my friend, MeFites!
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Fructose-Free Stew.

Fructose-free shrimp and pasta.

If you create an account, they will give you 'safe' recipes.
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Oh, this is a tough one - I have dietary fructose intolerance too, and have never found a reliable recipe source.

Instead, I've gotten by with making substitutions based on a list similar to this one.
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For those who are interested I found a link to a site with recipes for those with DFI:
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