"Hip" Urban Gardening Resources?
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Are there any urban gardening resources along the same lines as, say, Make, Craft, or Instructables?

Online would be great, but print is cool, too.

For the first time, I have a yard to garden in. While I have a small amount of experience growing herbs on the windowsill and starting plants under lights, I'd like to have a community of some sort to fall back on when I inevitably stumble or have questions. Extra points for communities, websites, or publications oriented toward the young, broke urbanite.

also if anyone has garden center recommendations on the north side of chicago that would be sweet, I know there's gotta be something out there beyond home despot
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Best answer: You Grow Girl. It's also a book.
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I read a bunch of blackfinger blogs on a semi-regular basis. I've always enjoyed Green Urban FarmGirl.
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North side of Chicago would be Gesthemane. They know their stuff and their merchandise is excellent (but they are pricey).

If you have transportation, consider Woldhuis or Adams & Son. Haven't tried Farmer's Market Garden Center, but have heard hopeful things.
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Guerrilla Gardening is focused on enhancing urban public spaces with greenery rather than private gardens, but it's certainly hip and it has a proper message board/community.
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Gardenweb is a free site , and should have a forum for almost everything you may be interested in.

Dave's Garden is a good fee based forum ($15.00 per year).

Garden Buddies is free and has many photos, compared to other forums, but does not seem as active as Gardenweb.
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Seconding You Grow Girl.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.

jeanmari: Adams & Son is pretty close to my area, I will check it out!

You Grow Girl is awesome. I plan to buy the book and have been reading through the archives of the site.
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