Real world AT&T DSL speeds?
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What real-world DSL speeds (AT&T) do people experience in Milwaukee (Bay View area)?

I'm currently considering switching from Time Warner Cable (7M/512k) to AT&T DSL (6M/768k, dry-no phone). However, before I actually decide to make the switch, I'm wondering what real-world speeds people are seeing from AT&T DSL in the Bay View neighborhood? I have no idea how far from the office I am and thus cannot gauge the speeds I might actually see.

If you live in the Bay View area, can you check your speed at and let me know your results and which package you have (1.5/3/6)? It would also be helpful to know what area of Bay View you are in (nearby cross streets), but I understand if you are uncomfortable posting that... I'd even be uncomfortable posting that.
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Best answer: I bet you could find more at by digging around at .
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Both this and DSL reports keep statistics on ISPs.
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I'm a few miles north of Bay View but get download speeds of 1295 kbps. The speeds should be better the closer you are to the telephone exchange. Find out how close you are to the exchange and take it from there.
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Best answer: I just moved out of Bay View. We had DSL from TDS, not AT&T, but it was on lines leased from AT&T. We paid for a 5M package and usually got less than 750k down, sometimes much less. We were told that we were near the maximum distance from the exchange to even get service.

With that said, Bay View is a large enough neighborhood that there's almost certainly parts where DSL isn't even available, and others where you get close to the quoted speed of your DSL package.

Unsolicited opinion: personal, family & friends' experience all say don't screw around with the slow speeds and phone company BS that come with DSL. Find a good deal on cable and don't look back.
A friend just this past month dumped AT&T DSL (though not in Bay View, he lives nearby) because of slow speeds, frequent downtime and terrible customer service.
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Response by poster: "A friend just this past month dumped AT&T DSL (though not in Bay View, he lives nearby) because of slow speeds, frequent downtime and terrible customer service."

Unfortunately, the same can be said of Time Warner. Lately, we've been experiencing slow-downs, outages and just plain crummy service. I actually wouldn't mind getting U-Verse if I could get the full 25M pipe for internet and not even have TV service.

In the end, it looks like I might end up sticking with Time Warner, though. At least until they start imposing their bandwidth caps.
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