How do I fix my shed roof?
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Our shed roof is falling apart - the underlying wood seems fine, but the waterproof layer (felt?) has in part blown off in a recent gale. I plan to buy a roll of something on the internet, strip off the remaining waterproofing, and then attach the new stuff. So my questions are: What do I need to buy to put on the roof, and how do I attach it?
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Best answer: I re-roofed my shed earlier this year. I went to Wickes (the UK's equivalent of Lowe's) and bought a roll of shed roofing felt and some short galvanised clout nails. I didn't even strip off the old roofing felt, I just nailed the new stuff over the old. Don't buy nails that are too long, or they'll poke through the shed roof.

Rather than buy over the internet, if you can go to a hardware store instead and ask in there. Tear off a little of the existing felt to show them what's already on there. I was clueless about how to do this but was able to fix it by myself.
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Response by poster: Thanks essexjan. I'm in the UK too and was hoping to order from Wickes online (no car you see!).
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Best answer: Ok, then you need this and this.
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Response by poster: Brill, ta.
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FWIW, I did asphalt shingles on my shed- the climate here is a bit worse than yours, most likely, but it only took an afternoon, and has been quite permanent.
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