Can humans digest hair?
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Can humans digest hair?

Precipitating fact: cats seem unable to digest their own.
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The obligatory Google search led to this email. The answer would appear to be "no".

Think about all the caustic chemicals and heat that people put on their hair to get it to change shape. Whether it's to straighten or to curl, the process is rather involved. And that's just to change shape, never mind digest. Our stomachs aren't built to do it.
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Not only is human hair indigestible, but if you swallow enough of it you might end up with a bezoar.
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People dying after eating enough of their hair come up in the news every so often.
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Recent "human hairball" news story with fascinating-yet-disgusting photo here.
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The word you need is bezoar.
posted by b33j at 2:11 AM on February 3, 2008

To be more specific, "trichobezoar." Bezoars can be made out of anything indigestible.
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