Felons Need Apartments Too!
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Where can I find a list of apartments that accept convicted felons in Dallas, TX? APT locators have been no help.
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Well, the parole department and community-based correctional facilities are entities that are supposed to help parolees find housing.

Also, there must be apartments that don't run formal background checks ... Or maybe move into a rommate situation as a subtenant.
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Project Reconnect (pdf) might have some suggestions or referrals.
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The City of Dallas's Offender Re-entry Initiative claims that it provides assistance with housing. I'm sure you want a lengthy academic article on the topic.
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I'd look for places converted into duplexes where the landlord lives in the same building. My reasoning being that the landlord likely doesn't own any other properties, and is just renting to help pay the mortgage. They're probably less likely to want to spend the money doing a background check. And they're less likely to be concerned about renting out to convicted felons. They don't have to worry about other tenants complaining.
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Go with smaller mom 'n pop rentals, the kind that have signs in the yard or window. When I managed apts in California, we ran credit and checking account history, but not criminal background checks. Your felon should be upfront and disclose and register with appropriate authorities if he/she is required to do so. Not all felonies are created equal-- a landlord may be less inclined to rent to a child molester than a bank robber, for instance.
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It depends on the felony, too, but I would also recommend places where you get to meet the landlords/owners. At our place, when I told our landlords-to-be what my boyfriend's conviction was, they were like "Ha, no problem!" because it wasn't a violent felony.
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