Number porting between people
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NumberPortFilter: Is it possible to port my number from my dad's account to my soon-to-be-new account under my own name (same carrier)? Clarification on the inside.

When I first got my cellphone years ago, I was just a hapless teenager and of course had no credit to my name and so my "account" (currently w/ AT&T) is really my dad's account under his name. Well, now i'm older with credit (well, >0 credit) and am thinking about getting an iphone. I'd want it to be under my name, which would conceivably be a new account w/ AT&T....can I keep my number?
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Rather than starting a new account, you should be able to assume his line by going to a local dealer with your dad, and filling out a form authorizing you to take over his account. I think you should be able to change the plan/features afterwards - so you would be able to keep the same number.
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Yep, just do it in two steps as flod logic said:

1) Transfer ownership of account to you.

2) Get iPhone, port number to it.

I was in the same situation with AT&T, and as I recall we were able to do step 1 over the phone by making a three-way call to all involved parties.
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Yes, you can do this. I did it a few weeks ago with Sprint. My phone number was one of several on the family plan, which was in my father's name. We went to a Sprint store and both filled out and signed a form giving me control over the number and then Sprint moved the number over to a new account for me. It was pretty straightforward.
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This is actually considered a change of billing responsibility of assumption of liability, not a port, and is extremely common. There should be no issues doing this either via a store or over the phone with AT&T customer care. Note that they may require you to assume a new one year contract for the pleasure of keeping the number.

They will require approval from both parties and you will need to meet their eligibility requirements (credit check).
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Just did this with T-Mobile. Be aware that they may wipe and reset any and all tenure and perks that you've established as a customer. Meaning, get the discounted handset and plan upgrades before you switch up the billing.
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