Solutions for LCD Projector Eye strain?
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New LCD Projector: Feeling significant eye strain, what can I do?

I'm very excited with my purchase of an Epson 720p LCD projector. I haven't gotten a screen yet, and have it projecting against a wall about 18 feet from the seating area, about 95 inches diagonal. I'm surprised to be feeling considerable eye strain and have been unable to find much guidance on the internet. The one notion I found was that projecting anything that is not it's native resolution may cause such strain. I guess I've noticed this most with the cable which is either Standard Def or High Def (1080p, I think). I have to do more testing with my upscaling DVD which should send exactly 720p to the projector. Do you have any experience or suggestions for this issue? Thanks for your help.
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Is the projector mounted / placed in a position where shaking is possible? I know when I go out to see a movie sometimes the picture will have a very subtle jump to it. This always makes my eyes very tired when I leave.
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How far is the projector from the wall? If it's too far, there may be decreased contrast which might be the source of your ills.
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You might simply find the picture from this projector to be unpleasant to watch. Personally, I don't really like any of the Epson projectors I've seen - they tend to have a lot of visual artifacts, which may be contributing to your eyestrain. The projector I have is the Mitsubishi HD1000U DLP, which I find to be remarkably free of artifacts (I believe it has an extra color wheel specifically to cut down on the rainbow effect).
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