What kind of fun can two people have at the park?
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Other than the usual throwing around the frisbee (or football or baseball), what are some fun recreational activities for two people to amuse themselves with at the local city park? Preferably those that require only a moderate investment in equipment and time. Thanks for encouraging me to get out of the house!
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Frisbee golf. Hitting the holes can be something as simple as hitting an orange cone.
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Kick to kick.

I can't believe there's a wikipedia page for that...
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I also can't believe I bollocksed up the link

Kick to kick
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Badminton is fun but very dependent on windspeed and needs a net. Speed badminton is great for playing outside.

Throwing an aerobie ring can be a nice change from throwing frisbees. You need to find a large field with no trees though. These things go far!
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Taiji pushing hands.
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juggling, hacky sack
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Go fly a kite.
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Bird watching (seriously!)
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If there are tennis courts at the park, tennis could be fun. My husband and I went to Goodwill and got some old rackets and balls for cheap.
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A picnic

Walking around with a guide to trees and identifying trees (tree-watching?)
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I used to have fun spinning poi and juggling.
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If there's any concrete, handball (aka two square or four square) is a whole lot of fun and just needs a tennis ball.
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Assuming you are looking for some exercise as well as fresh air...Fighter Kites!
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Horseshoes or bocce ball are way more fun than I thought they'd be.

Maybe that's my competitive self showing.
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Get out a pencil and paper and draw - people, trees, ducks, whatever.
Walk your dog - or volunteer to walk somebody else's
Hide and seek.
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paddle ball
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Bocce ball!!
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Walk, people watch, nap, rest, chat, read, run, climb trees, blow bubbles.
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Washers can be put together for under five bucks or so.
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Even though I don't really even play soccer, I've always been amazed at how fun it is to just kick a soccer ball back and forth. And once you start really getting it off the ground, it gets even more fun to try and cradle the ball when it's kicked to you - whether with your chest, side of your foot, or just trapping it against the ground with your foot. Basically I just try to mimic anything I see a real soccer player do.
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If you're in the Midwest or Northeast this week, go build a snow sculpture. You can then replace the calories you lost with a nice hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps at the nearest bar.
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Foxtail - catch it by the tail!

You can find them at alot of major toy stores or bookstores if you don't want to buy online.
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Chuck a boomerang. You can get lightweight versions that are less likely to injure or decapitate passers-by after an errant throw, and having a second person around for retrieval while you get the hang of it is very useful.
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Take a walk--and try to identify any dog breeds, or birds, trees or flowers that you see.
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Giant bubbles.
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When I was in college, a friend introduced me to Kubb (say: koob) and we would get a group and play that on nice days on the grass.

Basically, two teams (between 2 and 6) have a row of 5 wooden blocks lined up at each end of a 20ft x 20ft playing field. Then the two teams take turns trying to knock down the opposing sides' blocks with their throwing sticks, eventually winning by taking out the "king" block in the center field when the opponent's blocks have been eliminated. It's a nice mix between BOCCE BALL! and Horseshoes.

Seems like a set here will run you around the same price as a nice croquet set.
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Though it is not specifically exercise related I might suggest a metal detector. My kid and I have a grand ole time finding coins, jewelry and other odd shit left behind or lost. At any rate, we both get a kick out of it and it gets us out the house. Be sure to fill up the small holes you leave behind.
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Pullups on the monkey bars
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Four-square or two-square, which is not played with a tennis ball unless you're a heathen who has no other options.
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