Is there a Thriller tribute/concept album?
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Michael Jackson is re-re-releasing Thriller for its 25th Anniversary soon. But somebody recorded some album that's supposed to be a "re-vision-ing" of the songs on Thriller.

I read an article, which I failed to bookmark, mentioning that the newly configured songs still used riffs and lyrics akin to the originals, but they were titled, arranged, and sung differently.

Anyone heard of this?
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Are you sure you're not thinking of MJ himself? Based on this, it sounds like it's not a re-release, but a re-recording of Thriller with a bunch of current acts.

I think I'd pass on whatever he's doing these days, but there were a Grey Album kind of scenario, I'd be down for that.
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Response by poster: No, this is an album by a different artist. I wish I could recall if there were guest vocalists or not, but the one in question wasn't recorded by MJ.
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Petra Hayden? Haden? I know she covered the song itself, and the entire "The Who Sells Out" album. Maybe she did the whole Thriller album, too!
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Best answer: Was it Mark Ronson and Rhymefest?
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(Wow, I wish Petra Haden would do the whole Thriller album.)
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Damn. I hope this doesn't exist as I've had plans to do a treatment of that album (with local talent) like Hippocamp did Sgt Peppers and Pet Sounds for a couple of years now. I was even starting this month.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Box :)
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Happy to help, AloneOssifer.

(I say let a million Thriller projects bloom, sourwookie. You wanna be startin' somethin'.)
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