Day labor hiring centers in central LA?
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Can anyone recommend a day labor hiring hall in Los Angeles?

When my fiancee and I moved from San Francisco to LA, we hired a couple of guys to help us from a day labor center. The center had a hiring hall, they assigned a couple folks to come and help us, we payed them $15/hr plus tip to work alongside us, and it worked out great.

Can anyone recommend a similar center or program in central Los Angeles? We're in Koreatown, specifically. We can hire some guys off the street, but would rather support day labor centers. They needn't be bonded movers or anything, we're just moving down the hall, but need help with furniture and so forth.
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There is one at the Cypress Park Home Depot parking lot on Figueroa and Ave. 20 (?). It is hit or miss, but I will actually be going down there tomorrow to hire someone for the day. An old guy named Nacho seemed dubious, but was fabulous, hired him for a summer. An engineer from Egypt, not so good. Dragged my leather couch on it's back along the concrete. I have found that as long I am clear with my instructions, check to make sure they understood, then it works out great.
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I'd suggest using a company like Labor Ready rather than taking a chance in a parking lot -- it gives you a little more protection in case something goes wrong. For example, if you're not happy with the workers Labor Ready sends, you can give them a call within two hours of the workers' arrival and they'll credit you for the time and send out new people.

I've been on both sides of the Labor Ready hiring situation: I've done day labor through them, and I've hired laborers through them. I recommend them without hesitation. They have several locations in LA.
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There's an official type place on San Fernando around the Glendale area. Otherwise, look up the nearest paint shop, always people outside of the paint shop (or Home Depot) ready for day labor.
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oh, and $10/hr x 8hr ish day, $80 per person per day or half if it's really half a days work. That's like roofer burn your feet in hot tar wages. No hours, it's half a day or a day.
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Should preview, have some beers on hand.
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