Help with Primus' incoming text messaging address
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Does anyone know the incoming syntax/format for Primus Canada's cell incoming text messaging addresses?

I want to add this to my office system so it will text-message my new cell when there's office voicemail, but even the Primus techs don't know the answer. They said it will take a few days (WTF?!) to get this.

Generally the format seems to be : (or some such mobile-specific domain/address)

Does anyone know the correct one?
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Try, since Primus is an MNVO of Bell Mobility(I believe), teleflip may be able to redirect it.
posted by 3rdparty at 2:36 PM on February 1, 2008

Response by poster: Primus actually runs off Rogers - does that change things?
posted by iTristan at 2:45 PM on February 1, 2008

It shouldn't matter - teleflip supports all of the Canadian carriers, it just depends on how the text message is routed. Give it a try
posted by 3rdparty at 2:52 PM on February 1, 2008

Can you not just send a message to your e-mail from your cellphone to get the specific address? That was what I did.
posted by anaelith at 3:19 PM on February 1, 2008

Response by poster: anaelith - this isn't outgoing from my cellphone - it's sending FROM my office system TO my cellphone
posted by iTristan at 3:46 PM on February 1, 2008

Response by poster: anaelith - sorry I just re-read your message, I get it. Yes I could do that. Good suggestion.

posted by iTristan at 4:59 PM on February 1, 2008

If Primus is on Rogers, experiment with I'm on Fido and it works for me. Worth a try.
posted by loiseau at 9:06 PM on February 1, 2008

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