How to make Thunderbird + Blackberry = Thunderberry?
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How do I get my Blackberry 8203 contact list on to Thunderbird?

Through a miscue (read I'm an idiot), I inadvertently created duplicate contacts in Thunderbird. How? Don't know. Then I deleted the duplicates using a Thunderbird extension, but (and this is where the idiot part comes in) I deleted the wrong ones.

Now I have lots of names but no phone numbers on my TB
I have lots of names + phones numbers on my BB.

So, how do I make BB + TB = 1?

I do have the BB desktop manager program, but it doesn't seem to allow for this er, unique situation.

Any assistance would be gratefully read and diligently followed if it seems physically appropriate.
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Since Desktop Manager isn't built to deal with Thunderbird (yet), my advice would be to sync to Outlook or Outlook Express and then import your contacts from there into Thunderbird. You should be able to do pretty easily in Thunderbird. Thunderbird does contain a utility to import contacts from other programs.
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Also, if you need a hand feel free to mefi mail me.
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