Syncing iCal and Google Calendar under 10.5
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Two-way syncing between iCal and Google Calendar under OS X 10.5?

I'm trying to complete the calendar sync trifecta between an old Palm Pilot (cradled to a Win2K box), Google Calendar. and an iPod Touch (docked to an iMac).

The Palm--Google Calendar connection is working (using CompanionLink), and now I'm trying to get the Google Calendar---iCal bidirectional love going.

I know about Spanning Sync but $65 (1/2 the cost of Leopard) is a bit steep for this one function. BusySync 2.0 is cheaper, but unreleased. GCalDaemon is free but it doesn't appear to support Leopard yet.

Are there other, free solutions I should be looking at?
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GCalDaemon will work, with a slight tweak - I was certainly successful.

I used the instructions I found here (about the 4th reply down).

Mind you, I already had GCD set up under tiger, so I just needed to change the settings, but if you don't have it set up, just mash the GCD setup instructions with the stuff above.
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Hmm, under further investigation I'm not getting the GCal to sync to iCal, just the other way around... Shows how much I update on the GCal...
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There's also gSync (£10)--haven't used it myself. There will someday/maybe be native Google Calendar CalDAV support, as is currently supported by iCal in Leopard.
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Best answer: Plaxo does this for free.
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Best answer: Plaxo? I just started playing around with this today, so funny this would come up. It's worked very well for me syncing Outlook on my work PC with iCal, Apple Mail, and Address Book on my Mac. Looks like they have support for Gcal/Gmail... the free version does most everything anyone would want, so give it a shot.
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I use Spanning Sync for iCal->Gcal
Plaxo for Outlook at work->Gcal
Gcal sync to get it all to the BlackBerry
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