Help me find the movie trailer music that sounds like this...
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Looking for a song that sounds like the song posted in the details. This song has been used in movie trailers, and has a very rich orchestral sound, but alas, I can't come up with the specific trailer in which I heard it...

The song is very very similar to this:

But it's instrumental -- no vocals, and it has a more sweeping orchestral sound. You can almost hear it being destined to have that "in a world where..." movie-trailer-guy-narration spoken over it. Any ideas? Thank you group mind!
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Complete shot in the dark and I'm not good at comparing instrumental music, but whenever I hear about a "sweeping orchestral song used in a lot of movie trailers" I immediately think of Randy Edelman's "To The Stars," which I believe was Dragonheart's main theme song.

Really not good with orchestral stuff, so feel free to call me a noob for suggesting it.
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Might be the Intro/Titles to Edward Scissorhands, by Danny Elfman. That's often used in trailers to evoke a fairytale feel. (If it's not fairytaleish, then it's probably not this one, though Danny Elfman still has good odds)
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some of the most epic (and oft-heard) trailer music i know of is used at 2:04 in this trailer for "the patriot," a mel gibson vehicle from 2000. if anyone knows the name/composer of the tune, please post.
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On second listening, I don't think it's the Scissorhands one. I think I do know the music you're referring too, and I don't know what it is either, so now it will bug me too. You did that on purpose! In the mean time, check out "Requiem for a Dream" redone orchestrally for Lord of the Rings, (Two Towers?), as that might be it, it's used in trailers, and matches your description, but I have a nagging feeling I know the one and that isn't it either.
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One remote possibility is a duo called E. S. Posthumous. A lot of their album has been comercially licensed. Although a lot of it is choral, at least one song (Nara - used as the credits on Cold Case) has been remixed minus vocals. Another possibility is a similar group called Era who do similar choral/orchestral stuff.

Re: Trailer for The Patriot, it's entirely likely that the music is an original piece composed for the movie so check the usual suspects: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Alan Sylvestri, Enrico Morricone, Danny Elfman et al. The problem is, film studios often re-use soundtracks for the trailers of totally unrelated movies. See here. Failing that, sift through Amazon's listings for the composers above and see what you can find. Good luck, dude.
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Gah! I'm pretty sure I know what you are talking about but for the life of me I can't find it...
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My guess is even more a guess than everyone else's as I can't for the life of me even get your sample to play...

Anyhoo - how about Rob Dougan's "Clubbed To Death"? Used in lots of trailers, swings from quiet piano orchestral to bombastic strings over it's 7 minute length, has shades of Requiem for a Dream and hasn't been suggested yet... :-)
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ncc1701d: I found it. The Patriot trailer uses a track called "Escape" by Craig Armstrong from the Plunkett & Macleane soundtrack. I don't think it's the one that the OP is after.

jwhowa: Can you give us any more info? Is it definately a waltz? Do you recall any particular type of instruments? Sweeping violins? Tinkly bells? Could it possibly have been a kids movie? Harlequin's suggestion of Edward Scissorhands is pretty darn close (main title)

So frustrating! I'm sure that I know the song you mean but I'm damned if I can remember what movie it was. Still, this is fun sort of detective work!
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It really sounds like Edward Scissorhands to me, too.
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This is going to bug me too... unless I miss my guess, the piece is in 3/4, and what jwhowa is remembering is the distinctive rhythm: [rest] dah-dum | [rest] dah-dum, etc., with rests on the first beat and a full string section playing on beats 2 and 3. Listen to the intro to the video with that in mind, and you're instantly transported to a movie theatre...
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Response by poster: First, thanks to all for posting! What a nice surprise this morning to find that the hive mind has the same nagging feeling I do... Just can't grab the title of this darn song! :)

Oh, it was definitely a waltz, and I believe it's a viennese (fast) waltz. And you are right, it's the "[rest] dah-dum | [rest] dah-dum" that's the most memorable thing about it, and that it sort of sweeps, or rolls. You can totally see a movie pan camera thing coming in on a scene as the music swells, etc...

Yes, it may well have been a kids movie, but I think not.

It's not the scissorhands theme, not "Clubbed to Death", not from "the Patriot", not "Requiem for a dream" and it's not "ES Posthumous" but wow, what a find! Their music is really cool.

So... we've knocked out a few possibilities? Anyone have any other ideas?
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Is it the song used here in the Clear and Present Danger trailer? The da-dums kick in at about 1:25. If so, it's from the score for Come See the Paradise by Randy Edelman.
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Response by poster: Nope, jrossi4r. I have been listening to tons of playlists on iTunes today trying to find this damn song, and I'm about convinced I made it up! :) Except that others on this thread agree with me, it's SO CLOSE...
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your clip didn't explicitly sound like anything I recognize. But it felt a little like the instrumental score music of Great Expectations (the one with Ethan Hawke). And while I don't think it sounds like Last of the Mohicans, I often find that the music where I'm like "that was in another movie" turns out to be Last of the Mohicans.
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That definitely sounds familiar. It sounds like what would accompany Lucy when approaching the wardrobe in the Narnia trailer, but it's not. I'll keep looking.
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I don't believe it's from Great Expectatiions. Sounds a bit christmassy too.
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My guess does not match your example very well but it reminds me of Moby's Extreme Ways, the instrumental versions [1] [2]
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