How much for a container full of Essien jerseys?
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How much would I pay for a 20' shipping container from Tema, Ghana to New York? I know there are a lot of variables that will affect the answer, so I'm looking for a very rough estimate or range. Any information as to what variables are likely to affect the cost significantly would be so very helpful. Thank you!
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I pay about $4000 from Toronto to Brisbane for a 20'.
Just call an international freight shipper and ask them for your locations. They should be able to price it pretty accurately, other than tarriff issues.
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We use at work - they're great people.
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I was curious whether Tema has a port (it does) and found this possibly useful page listing some Ghanaian companies that handle this sort of thing.
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I don't have an exact number, but my father shipped a 20' container from Honolulu to Ghana for $3,000. He's done a fair bit of charity work in Ghana and knows what's involved with unloading & trucking as well.

If you want more details on Ghana, I can put you in touch with him. Sidemail me if you want.
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