Painting Cat5 Cable?
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Do I need to do anything special to apply latex paint to cat5 cable or to coax cable tv cable? Do I need primer or anything of that sort?
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All cables are not created equal. It would certainly depend on the material the insulation is made out of.
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You should be fine if it's just latex. Cat5 and coax both have inner insulation underneath the plastic coating. Latex won't eat through plastic like enamel might. Why not test on a small length of spare cable to verify? But again, I'd say that latex will just be like coating the plastic cover.
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Cat5 and, I think, TV coäx both typically have PVC jackets. Acrylic latex paint ought to stick well and not damage it. A brief google tells me that some people suggest roughening it with sandpaper etc. (Note that the material the insulation is made of is often not the same material the jacket is made of!)
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