VisioFilter: Custom shape with two text-editable regions?
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VisioFilter: Custom shape with two text-editable regions?

I'd like to create a custom shape from two separate shapes. Additionally, I'd like each part to have its own editable text region after they've been melded together.

I have, in the past, encountered such a shape and there was no need to 'ungroup' the shapes to edit them.

Any idea how I can do this, or was I hallucinating? Thanks!
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Use the text block tool to add two text blocks to the shape. Group them and you can then edit each text block without ungrouping.

Works for me, at least, unless I'm not understanding the question correctly.
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You can drag any gif or jpeg into Visio, which means BTW you can useany image editor, (including photoshop and illustrator) to create a custom shape. If you're working with a Graphic designer using an image that will work in your schematic ask them to send it to you in a high quality format. PNG and Tiffs should uplaod into a library if I remember correctly.

Google "Visio templates and or libraries" there's a lot of useful stuff out there that might meet your needs. If you're an IA there's a lot sites and blogs dealing with Visio issues as well.

I'm not sure what you mean by "having it's own editable text region". I'm pretty sure that visio will automatically create a field below the shape for any image you drag into a library. If not, place a generic text box widget into your custom shape and group it.
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2nd'ing bondcliff. Group them, then double-click the desired text block to change.
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Ah, yes. I am failing at being clear.

I want this to be a shape in its own stencil, so that I can reuse it for documents.

When I drag it into a new stencil, I lose the ability to add text to either part of the shape.

Or, to reword it another way, is it possible for a custom shape in its own stencil to have two individual text areas?
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Sorry, I don't have access to Visio right now so I'm trying to do this from memory. One of the problems with Visio is the nomenclature they employ. There are shape libraries and then there are customized shape libraries you can reate for yourself. So when you drag your custom shape into your new drawing (i.e., you call it a stencil) your custom shape is no longer acting the way you ant it too. Are you ungrouping it? Have you tried to save your drawing as a Template, which I believe is . VST as opposed to .VSD?
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