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I have an iPhone. I want to make and answer calls from my computer using an iPhone interface on my computer screen.

Is it possible? I figured since the computer has a wireless protocol, and so does the phone, one could build an application that mimics the interface of the phone and sends the commands via bluetooth or 802.11 for that matter.

1) I wonder if anyone else has thought, or read, about something similar
2) Could it be as simple as using chicken
3) Where might I find reputable resources to make this happen

If it doesn't already exist, I will commissioning someone to build this for me (and you I suppose).
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Best answer: GrandCentral is doing this, more or less, without bluetooth, APIs, or anything of the sort. You should try doing some research into how they are managing to make it work.
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You don't say what OS you have, but if you're on a Mac, you can useMira Software's Blue Phone Elite 2. It says that dial and receive calls is supported on the iPhone.
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Response by poster: nightwood- Leopard
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Then Blue Phone Elite should do exactly what you want - I use it on my Nokia and it works well. You can download a trial, I believe and try it out. It communicates via Bluetooth and can do cool things like pause iTunes when you get a call - or set your IM status to 'away' when the iPhone goes out of range, etc.
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BluePhoneElite says that neither the Call Log nor SMS is not available from the iPhone over Bluetooth, so no, you probably could not build a fully functional iPhone UI.
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Response by poster: Just a follow up... I ended up with Grand Central using Gizmo and I am pleased as punch. It does everything and more! Plus, on top of that Gizmo only charges about a penny a minute with a sign on charge of $35 for a year if you want to make outgoing calls- in coming is free. Messing around with Grand Central only made it better because now, not only can I answer and dial from my computer I can also pick what phone number I want to call from and what numbers I want to ring on my computer... eg. Home phone, cell phone and my computer's Gizmo number. The total package more or less.
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