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Can anyone share experiences or give me tips for surviving the Filene's Basement "Running of the Brides" in Columbus tomorrow? Details inside...

So my best friend is planning her wedding, and I have agreed to accompany her and her mother to the Filene's Basement bridal sale tomorrow. She wants to get there around 6 am and rush in with all the other crazy brides when they open at 8. This is not something I would normally do, and anticipate the small amount of patience I have for people to be gone in about 3 seconds. I've already been warned that if I need to attack someone I should use choking as my preferred method so as not to get blood on any of the dresses, but I could use your help with other survival tips.

I'm engaged, but haven't started planning my wedding, so I may want to try something on too.

I've seen several accounts online of the events in Boston, etc. Does anyone have experience with the one in Columbus? Is it just as crazy? I've seen suggestions for wearing matching shirts/headbands/something to help identify the other members of your "team." Any creative ideas for that? Any other survival tips?

Please share any experiences or ideas you might have...
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My only advice is wear some kind of "foundation' garment that you don't mind running around in, because you don't really want to get naked, but you can't try on stuff with too many clothes on. I would wear one of those strapless thighlength compression slips because it might most closely match the underwear you might wear for the actual day, but pretty much covers everything. If you are even more modest, add some opaque tights underneath.
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If the doors open at 8, are you sure being there at 6 is early enough to get a decent spot in line? I wouldn't think so.
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I sent you a relevant article with tips via MeFi mail.
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If the doors open at 8, are you sure being there at 6 is early enough to get a decent spot in line? I wouldn't think so.

Well, she's the one that suggested 6, and seeing as how our Filene's isn't actually a basement, any waiting we do will have to be outside in the freezing ass cold, so I'm not going to push for any earlier :)
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First you need to scout the arrangement of the racks before the event. No sense running to the wrong area.
Second you need to decide who is the muscle and who is the guard. One of you will need to scoop a whole armful of dresses the moment you get in. The other will need to guard the first while she makes the scoop lest she be thrown under the rack. Seriously. There will be some 'large' women there who are only there as support.
Third you will need to set up your changing area near to someone similar in size to the bride. perhaps the other person's cast-offs may suit you better.
Fourth don't ask how I know this...
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Please post back and tell us how it went!
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Someone needs to be the sweeper. When other brides-to-be discard dresses, you need to have your sweeper scoop up those dresses.

Never give up a dress you've rejected without trying to trade for someone else's discards.

Bring food and bottled water; you'll be there awhile.
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