Crumpets, anyone?
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Looking for a good crumpet recipe.

I'd like to make my own crumpets. The output I'm looking for would look something like the picture on the upper-left. That is, they're thinner than english muffins and there are lots of holes on top, and they're not as bready as english muffins. I tried a random recipe that looked ok from Google, but while the output was good, it was very similar to an english muffin, and not a crumpet.

Any tested recipes that make good crumpets that folks are willing to share?
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Hi, I think these are what we British call crumpets (English muffins I saw for the first time in the US). The BBC recipe finder has a few different takes on them one of which might be more up your alley.

The supermarket at the end of our street once accidentally imported a crate of real British crumpets making me happy for months afterwards.
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Those are pikelets
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I haven't personally tried it but this recipe is for the right thing - complete with picture.
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zemblamatic, are you sure? A fast google came up with pikelet recipes that all seemed to include eggs, and exclude yeast. I'm pretty sure that the kind of crumpet I'm looking for is raised with yeast. Are there yeast pikelet recipes?

(I saw the recent metafilter thread on differences in nomenclature in various places, and I'm still confused...)
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I see what zemblatic means, the first picture (not the header) is of a crumpet cooked on a griddle so it does indeed look like a pikelet.

What was that about two nations divided by a common language? ;-)
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Theres a yeast pikelet recipe here doesn't seem to be exactly what I'd call a crumpet though, more a mix between a pancake and a crumpet
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In my family crumpets and pikelets can be the same thing. That's when pikelets are not being drop scones (sometimes known as scotch pancakes). That's what you get when your Grandparents come from 4 distinctly different parts of the UK. Here's Wikipedia to the resuce.

As you can buy them ready made over here, I've never considered how you make them. I would go for any of the BBC recipies, they seem about right.
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To muddy things a bit, Julia Child has a hybrid called mumpets. I've made them - they are quite good.
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