Getting from Fiumicino to Ciampino
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Rome airport transfer: Fiumicino->Ciampino with a five and a half hour window between flights. Is this doable? And if so, what's the most cost efficient way to do it?

I'm flying into Rome Fiumicino Airport on March 30th (on an Air Canada flight scheduled to land at 11am). I'd like to book a RyanAir flight that leaves from Ciampino at 4:45pm the same day.

Am I tempting fate? Is it easy to get from one airport to the other? The limited web info I have found suggests there was a bus service at one point but that it is not offered anymore.

My other options are to book a later flight (more expensive, leaves around 8pm) or spend the night at a hostel near the Termini and leave the next day (which I'd prefer not to do).
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There seem to be a train every 30 minutes from Fiumicino to the central Termini rail station. From there, a train every 15 minutes to Ciampino.

You should be able to make it, barring strikes.
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While not exactly easy, unless you take the more expensive option of a direct taxi-ride, this certainly should be doable even without a direct transfer, using relatively-cheap public transport. Take the Leonardo express train from Fiumicinio to Termini: trains leave every 30 minutes & the trip is about 35 minutes long. Then get a train from Termini to Ciampino station, and a connecting bus from there to the airport, or, get on the metro from Termini to Anagnina, and a connecting bus from there to the airport, or, get a direct shuttle from outside Termini to the airport. Some more info here. Map of metro & train lines here.
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Totally doable. However, do you have a lot of luggage? That can make this connection difficult without taking a taxi, and worse, RyanAir charges something like 5 GBP per kg over their very low limit.
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Huh. What a pain in the ass that the cross airport shuttle service is suspended. misteraitch has given you the necessary information, but I would like to add two points:
  • keep in mind the "check in no later than..." clause for your RyanAir flight.
  • Taxis now have a fixed rate for the Rome/Airport routes. Fiumicino to/from inside the Aurelian walls is €40, Ciampino to/from inside the Aurelian walls is €30. Details
And as an addendum to zazerr's luggage point, if you are over the weight limit and have to pay a surcharge then and there, you can only pay with credit card at Ciampino - no chash.
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