Holidays in Taipei
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I've been rushed off to Taipei last-minute for a two-week project. Where can I watch the Super Bowl? What should I do during the New Year celebration?

Can anyone suggest some pubs in Taipei that will have a good Super Bowl crowd? It's hardly fun watching alone.

Also, I hear the city quiets down during the New Year's celebration period. Are there any cool ways a foreigner can experience the holiday? If not, where can I at least find restaurants that won't be closing? I doubt I'll be able to leave the city due to work constraints, but if I can, should I just skip town entirely, maybe head to the hot springs?

I'm staying at the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei, found here. I'm willing to travel for fun.
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Send an email to Native Tongues. I used to work with one of them in a different capacity and I know they'd have some solid ideas.
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I've got a friend who was in Taipei for the entire football season - he had a bar that he went to every weekend to watch the Stillers games - they replay sports in the evening. I'll check with him and let you know.
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Alright - He suggests the Tavern or The Brass Monkey (FuXing between ChangChun and NanKing, near NanKing E Rd MRT station).

Apparently the Tavern has a ton of screens, and is fairly big, while the Brass Monkey is smaller, and much more of a neighborhood place (though is still not small).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help. Go Giants.
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