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Acus eee + Wireless: I have recently bought an Asus eee, and I would like to pick up more free wifi from various locations Downtown Vancouver, Canada. Is there a way that I can boost the connection? I seem to get a few signals, but they are usually weak and drop off soon. I do not want to get internet service as it is too expensive, too inconvenient, it is not portable or or I need CDs to install the services(The asus does not have a cd drive.) I have not found good laptop signal boosters for wireless yet, does anyone have any recommendations?
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I dont understand the premise. I have an Asus EEE and its wifi reception is better than any laptop I know of (Windows or Mac)

Are you saying that in places where others (using thinkpads and dells and Macbooks) are getting good reception, you are not?

Or, is it pretty good and you just want to make it even better?
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I'd like to make it better, or get something to make it better. I have an Acer, and it works more often. The Asus is pretty good, but I really want to pick up as much as I can. Actually, I'd even like to boost my Acer.
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There's no external antenna socket on your eeepc. You could find a usb wifi card with one and buy a nice high-gain or directional antenna for it. Carrying it around might be a pain but if youre sitting something with a flat surface I'm sure it wont be too bad.

You shouldnt need a CD for most internet services. Tell them you dont have one and they'll find a way to sell you service. Or borrow a laptop with one and then clone the mac address.
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P.S. Know of any good asus eee websites and forums?
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Also a better option is to see if there's a usable signal near your home. Say you only get "joe's wireless" near the window. You can then buy a bridge or a repeater and that will fill your home with "joe's wireless." No need to modify the laptops.
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Yes. Ask here:
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If you are feeling adventurous - you could open it up and see if the internal antenna connection has come loose.

(Look on the right side-bar, there are some Eee hardware hacking links)

Personally never had that issue with ours - but then again, it's only at home (super-strong, boosted signal) or school (no WiFi)
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Are you not getting networks you expect to get, or are they not as strong as you think they should be?

I seem to get good reception with my Eee, but I've only had it about 2 weeks and haven't done any kind of side-by-side comparisons.

But, I did notice the other day that it took a minute or two to pick up all of the wifi networks in range. There were 3 or 4 the first time I looked, then about twice as many a minute or so later.

This has been mentioned on the Eeeuser site I think, too.

So, check back in the wireless connection or network connections apps after a bit - you may be getting better reception than you think?
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