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What's the best software package for dealing with fonts on a OSX Macintosh?
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Suitcase and FontAgent Pro were both unusably slow in my experience (400mhz G4, admittedly getting a bit long in the tooth). I wish Adobe had brought ATM Deluxe over to the OS X side -- back in the OS 9 days it could handle over a thousand fonts on a 200mhz machine with no trouble whatsoever. I hope you find a good answer, I'm desperate over here too.
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I use Apple's included Font Book with a pretty huge library of fonts. I used to dig ATM on 9 and I find FB to be a completely passable replacement. Just make sure you don't disable the system fonts... things go way wonky if you do.
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Apple Font Book is pretty widely considered to be a piece of crap, particularly by folks who have to manage hundreds of fonts. I'm generally inclined to agree with this as my experience with it has been primarily negative. It regularly crashes over and over again while previewing and installing fonts, and has a most annoying behavior of setting the preview of a font family to whichever font in that family was first installed.

Given that I'm a highly nonprofessional user of fonts -- I use perhaps 20 or 30 with any frequency and have comparatively few installed -- I can't imagine someone who has a serious need to manage a large font library living with Font Book without frustration.

Performance isn't too hot, although for casual users it really isn't bothersome. I put up with it because I've no real need for a better solution.
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There isn't one. They all suck.

I've found Suitcase to be the best of the worst, It hasn't given me too much trouble, but I think it's partly responsible for screwing up fixed width fonts in Safari.

And no, things weren't much better back in the day. Font Management has always sucked. Or maybe I've just had a longish day.
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Suitcase...i hate FontBook. I'm not sure if there's ATM for OS X, but that's worth a try.
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