Tell me about this harmonica.
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Tell me about this harmonica.

I don't know anything about harmonicas. Can you please tell me everything I'd need to know about this one? What kind is it, what's the model called, what year is it from, how much would it be worth now?
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Well, it 's a Hohner (the Volkswagen of harmonica makers). This model has been made for about 60 years, according to the Hohner site. Hohner produces on an extremely large scale, and this model is still produced, so I doubt that it would be worth much more than a new one. Actually, since the model and the box do not seem to have changed at all, it's hard to tell whether yours is 10 or 50 years old. Is the comb wood or plastic?
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Forget about the comb question. It's wood and the current ones are still made with wood (on some models Hohner shifted to plastic. BTW, it's a diatonic (single scale) harmonica. Yours is a C. To find out more, check this wikipedia article
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Here is one on ebay, it's similar. Sold for $24.95
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The only thing I have to go by on the age is that it was bought in Germany by my grandpa for 5.50 (marks, I guess). So if anyone has any idea when that model of Harmonica cost 5 marks, that's how we can figure out the age.
Bluefrog, thanks for the info! (and it is wood)
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presence of six pointed star dates it to pre WWII
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The same model, very old and in perfect shape for $140. According to that the 6-pointed star indicates it predates WWI. Its condition is so pristine you can probably consider that about the top for this particular model.

Yours is obviously well- if gently used, and I suspect its condition issues (patina, scratches, wear on the box) would put that value far below that. Here's a foxed-up one one what is that, Austrian eBay? for 6.66 euros. Presuming Sofort Kaufen means Buy It Now.
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