Who wrote this song?
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My mother used to sing a song to me as a child: "It's a rainy day / and we have to stay inside. / The rain is falling down / and we can't go out to play. / Why does it have to rain / anyway?" She swears it's from Sesame Street, but Google seems never to have heard of it. Who composed this song? Where could she have heard it from? Is it indeed Sesame Street?
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Google has, in fact, heard of it.
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The version I remember from Sesame Street is a teeny bit different-
"it's a rainy day, it's a rainy day.
It's raining outside
And we can't go out and play.
Why do we need the rain
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I just downloaded the ringtone from Wolfie's link. Ugh. Childhood. I miss it. =(
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I can sing parts of these lyrics to the tune I know, but I'm not sure it's right, yet. I'd have to hear the tune before I know for sure, but I don't want to pay for a ringtone. Hmm. Will report back if I can find it at the library or something.
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Also, the Amazon link shows that particular DVD came out very recently. This was something like 20 years ago. Obviously this song could have been in the Sesame Street repertoire for a long time, and done again, but I can't seem to find evidence of it on any other recordings, yet.
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I thought I was the only person who knew that song!
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I doubt anyone is watching this thread still, but I have been trying to find a video or something since it was posted. Sesame Workshop FINALLY posted the video.

Watch it here! Rainy Day Song
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