Recommendations for a financial advisor/accountant for a young couple?
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Recommendations for a financial advisor/accountant for a young couple in NYC?

We've read a lot about finances, but I would like to sit down with a person. I'd prefer someone who can do it all; to slog through all of our financial life, to ask questions of, to plan, to do taxes, not just someone interested in investing. I don't know if it should be someone who specialises in freelancers (arts and computing) if there is such a thing, and I think I'm looking for someone independent because I don't want to worry about prejudiced advice.

We both have irregular careers: his as a specialized-but-underpaid programmer doing both freelance work and a day job that changes every couple of years; hers currently studying but eventually working in a performing art that involves lots of travel and work accomodation (apartments) paid out of pocket (but tax-deductible) and pay on a performance-only basis.

With this in mind, we have no idea how to achieve our goals. We are relatively good at our basic budgeting and financial management but need help with saving for retirement (IRA) and a baby someday, managing his 401K (503b), improving credit, buying a home as soon as practicable (we feel like we're throwing money away on NYC rent), affording travel to stay close to family on three coasts of the US, plus the UK and NZ, and very necessary vacations. A wedding would be nice too but it seems too complicated already.

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My wife and I have been going to these guys for over ten years. They can undoubtedly help you out. Great people!

Sidney Kaufman and Associates
160 W. 71st
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll contact these guys. I hope they can sort out my ramshackle situation.
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