Is plaster safe for hamsters?
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Are plaster (of paris) objects safe for hamsters? I know they'd likely chew it, but would that be dangerous or toxic? I'd like to carve a neat little home for my new friend, but I don't want it to end badly.
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No, don't. Plaster of paris is very water absorbant. If your pet chews on it and swallows it, it could cause some serious dehyrdration and constipation type problems.
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How about Sculpey?
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I'm not comfortable using sculpey for this, I think. I know it's toxic before baking, and even once baked it says not to use it in contact with food, so I'd rather not let my little friend chew on it.
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How about papier mache? (with non-printed, unbleached paper?)
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cardboard toilet paper and paper towel tubes--they can chew on those and hide in 'em, too!
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What about a coconut shell? A friend of mine made a coconut shell house for his son's frog.
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Carve it out of wood! I would probably use 7/0 gauge steel... and fashion him some matching armor... but this is why i can't have a hampster.
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what I know from commercial/retail plaster of paris, is that it generally contains trace heavy metals from gypsum and also some additional unsafe chemicals (want to say formalin but don't think it's something quite that nasty). this from raising turtles (no dehydration problems, and most certainly no constipation problems jeez) which absolutely love to chomp on any form of calcium carbonate.
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How about carving it out of balsa wood? Easy to carve; won't last too long, but you'll get ideas from carving it the first time that will let you make something even better the second time. And it's so easy to carve, you won't mind making the luftmensch HamHab Mark II and/or Mark III.
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Using wood or coconut shells are great ideas. I agree that plaster and Sculpey/Fimo aren't good choices. My guinea pigs (may they rest in peace) used to love houses made out of shoeboxes and other kinds of cardboard. If you want to get creative, you could make a more elaborate structure by making a nontoxic paste (i.e. out of flour and water) to glue your cardboard components together.
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Baby_Balrog, I once made a dress for my (male) hamster.

Oh I cannot believe I just admitted that. Let's just say when you go to college at age 17 and can't even get into 18+ shows, you'll come up with some very disturbing hobbies.

That said, cardboard houses were ALWAYS popular with Akbar and Jeff (my former hamsters). Or use balsa wood -- it's light enough to cut with no special implements, yet sturdy enough to do cool stuff.
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How about Crayola's non-toxic Model Magic?
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The San Diego Zoo has what I think is the most awesome of small rodent houses ever, a house made entirely of a giant loaf of bread [pic] [recipe]. The keepers bake it, carve a few doors and windows and then let the mousey inhabitants gnaw their own interiors. It's enough to make any hammie swoon with jealousy.
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Do NOT use Model Magic! I speak from experience. Although it is supposed to harden over time, unless you use extremely thin layers, it stays both moist and soft. It really isn't very good for models (at least this has been our experience, making cell models for high school projects).
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