Why are some church websites using .cc?
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Why are some churches in the U.S. using the ".cc" Top Level Domain (instead of .com or .org) on their churches' web sites? Isn't .cc the country code for the Cocos Islands off of Australia? Examples from my quick Google search: Example A Example B
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Probably because it could stand for "Christian Church". Just like how video and TV sites will use .tv (for tuvalu) and last.fm uses .fm for the Federated States of Micronesia
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I'd have to agree with Delmoi: I also think it's short for Christian Church.
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Quite a few itty bitty principalities have licensed their nation codes to independent registrars. My own URL is ".nu", which is nominally the island of Niue, which has a total population of about 1500. The ".tv" domain (which has become a pretty standard one for television show home pages) is nominally for Tuvalu, home to about 12,000 people.

At least in the case of the .nu domain, the registrar is NuNames, and it's a non-profit. Any proceeds beyond operating costs are used to bring internet access to the people of Niue. (How much of that might have happened, I have no idea, but that's the theory.)

The decision to go with one of the alternate domains instead of the standard ones is different for different people. My reason for going with .nu was twofold: "denbeste.nu" was already taken (by a company that hauls toxic waste!), and in any case I was leery of the entire .com domain and all the crazy shit that was happening in it.

Also, these days, the .com domain name space is very thoroughly mined out. Going with one of the more obscure domains may permit you to get a primary name you couldn't get in .com. (Which in fact was the case for me.)
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Rats. "denbeste.com" was already taken by a hauler of toxic wastes. "denbeste.nu" was available and I got it.
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Choose Christ? Si si, seƱor.
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Yes, I remember seeing pitches for cc as a church-specific domain a few years back. (In fact, there's still a page on Verisign.com that suggests cc stands for "church community.")
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A few years ago .cc was pushed as the next .com, and I know of a fair number of organizations that picked up their domain as a .cc just to have the next cool thing.
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