Importing and Altering a Web Site, for Dummies
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I want to download an institutional web page and change it a little bit for a job interview. I have Frontpage and NVU. But when I try to capture the page my computer bogs down and stops responding. Help!

I have a job interview coming up--yay me! I would be the academic/educator at a technology/humanities institution. Part of my job talk is supposed to include my ideas for public outreach. At that point I want to show them a version of their own website that I have altered a bit with new content areas. They don't have to actually function--I just want to show my interviewers that I have thought of this and how the site might look.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to import the site into Frontpage. It took a damn long time, but eventually I was able to edit the page and make some changes. But everything was slow slow slow, and when I went to save the computer froze up completely. I went home and tried to do the same thing with NVU and had similar results.

I assume that what is happening is that Frontpage is importing way more data from the site than I actually need and that my computer can't handle the huge files. Really, I just want to change the menu bar on the front page of the site and to replace one content field.

Is there a way to import only the first page of the site (if that is the problem)? Is there a clever shortcut that I don't know about? This is not a major part of my job talk and I am not ready to go and learn DreamWeaver or something like that this week. Thanks.
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Best answer: Load the page into your browser, and save the page to your HD. Then edit the local copy with Frontpage.

On IE, use the "Save as..." option on the "Page" pull-down menu. On Mozilla, use the "Save page as" choice on the "File" pull-down menu.
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(That's IE7 which has the "Page" pull-down menu. IE6 the menus were entirely different, but it isn't hard to figure out.)
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks Steven.

(To think of the hours I wasted yesterday!)
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