How to get rid of this scrap heap in Port Phillip, VIC, Oz?
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How to get rid of this scrapheap in Port Phillip, VIC, Oz?

Trying to help out a friend who's sick and can't do this themselves. How to get rid of a 1986 Ford Sedan that's got something wrong with the engine -- or whatever, it just won't start -- in Port Phillip, VIC area (i.e. Melbourne, Australia)? Unfortunately I am totally clueless in this area of expertise: I'm thinking some wrecker comes and picks it up, deals with whatever paperwork, so then owns that scrapheap and no money changes hands. People tell I'm crazy. What should I be looking for in my Google and Yellow Pages searches, and what can I reasonably expect?
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Best answer: Try a company like these guys. They don't pay much to pick it up, but it's better than nothing and saves you a heap of time.

If they don't pick up from you, they will probably know someone who does. Good luck!
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yellow pages > car wrecker

Sometimes they pay you money to take the car

ring vicroads
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Donate your car!
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Let Council do it.

Call them anonymously and advise them there is an abandoned car in your street, they will come and slap a sticker on it, and eventually take it away, apparently no cost involved.

You may want to check with your version of the RTA (I'm from NSW) on their policies about this sort of thing.
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Best answer: Look at the ads in the back of the local paper. There will be several there for car removals and they will pay you $50-250 (scrap value is high at the moment).

Our neighbours had the council tow another neighbour's bomb car that had been sitting around for a while.

Alternatively, my partner has an unhealthy interest in 1980s Fords, and access to a car trailer. If you mail me the details of it (eg what type of Ford is it?), I can see if he's interested. Then it can sit on my front lawn.

As far as I know, there is no car donation scheme in Australia.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. The car now lives on AnnaRat's front lawn to be used for spare parts. If that hadn't worked out, I would have gone with Tomble's suggestion.
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