Hey, that's a VERY well behaved dog you have there
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What's up with all these dog silhouettes?

I started seeing them several months ago on large corporate properties. First, I thought it was kind of a tongue in cheek thing. But then I spotted them in a cemetery (!). Not on the graves, but on the front lawn of the entrance area. I've also seen these "dogs" on municipal grounds. Some are running, some in a sitting position.

Is it some sort of warped idea of a goose deterrent? Some sort of mental 'chin up Wilbur'? I'm now seeing them pretty regularly. If it makes a difference, I've seen them in Philadelphia (University City area) as well as Northern New Jersey. I Googled around for pictures, but nothing came up.

Any ideas?
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I believe they are used to scare away Canadian geese.
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(I'm pretty sure the name is "Canada Goose/Geese", not "Canadian Goose/Geese". FWIW I don't think I've ever heard a Canadian call them "Canadian Geese", only "Canada Geese".)
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It may be an American thing, as I've only ever heard them called Canadian geese. I think in the spirit of reciprocity, Canadians should call them American geese.

OP, I had the same question (offline from AskMe), and was given the same answer about scaring away geese, too.
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loiseau: I've always called them Canadian Geese (it's what I've called them since I was little). Apparently, either name works. Maybe it's a regional thing? I'm from NJ, if it matters.
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I'm from the US and have always called them/heard them called Canada geese. Or sometimes just "Canadas", by birdwatchers Never Canadian geese.
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This is unrelated, but I once saw a Canadian goose take off from the road after being honked at by a car and take a midflight shit straight on the offending vehicle. Also, I've heard plenty of people in Canada refer to them as Canadian geese.
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As a Canadian, I've never heard them referred to as "Canadian Geese", always "Canada Geese".

And they're right to be terrified of dogs, I've seen what a dog can do to a goose who isn't quick to flight.
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How do you know they're Canadian? A lot of Canada goose flocks are nonmigratory now, too - so they might be American or even English geese!

I have to say, though, I'm shocked that dog silhouettes work to deter Canada geese. Full-time border collie patrols, I would believe, but I can't help thinking those silhouettes won't work for long. Canada geese are not shrinking violets.
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