A thrift store gem.
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Can you tell me anything about this print or the artist who apparently produced the source painting?

I found it whilst thrift shopping last night. It came in a old and lovely if somewhat shopworn frame, but it was pretty dang cheap so I can't complain.

Getting it home and removing it from the frame I noticed that there was a signature in the corner. What does the signature say? Who is he? Does it really say "Wixm" after his name? What is "Wixm"? Is it part of his name? Is it an abbreviation? Is there a title for this print?
(Here is more eye candy for the curious. I think the girl in the green dress is particularly lovely!)
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You need to talk to this person.

It says "Wien," as in Vienna. 1899. His name is/was Max Levis.
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Google it?
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Based on this one painting, his style seems firmly "Munich School" - a sort of Greek romantic revivalist style popularized in fin-de-siecle Munich, with influence throughout much of the German / Hapsburg world. This particular painting seems like a slightly more populist and fanciful version of that style of art, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were originally intended to be sold as a widely-available print (rather than just a painting.) The subject matter and general sweetness of the subject only makes me suspect that even more.

I'd assume by his name that he was Jewish, which isn't surprising given the time and place, but it actually could help you track him down. There's an excellent Jewish cultural center in Vienna which has traced some bio of nearly every notable Jew to have spent any time there at any point in history. I'll track their info down and let you know, though it may take a little while.
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Excellent! "Wien"--I knew my brain wasn't looking at that right. And I would love any info on the cultural center in Vienna, Dee Xtrovert. I thought the exact same thing about it being intended mainly for print production. The printing is very well done and has held up quite well under less than ideal framing circumstances (it was backed, of course, with corrugated cardboard). The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! I completely love it. Thanks for your help!
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I can't seem to find that "excellent Jewish cultural center" in Vienna, but I've dealt with Centropa:


Click on "Where We're Working" and check out the Vienna bit. I am sure they will help you, and I wouldn't be surprised if they could do so very quickly.
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