Photoshop is suicidal when I try and save. Errrr....
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Photoshop CS keeps crashing when I try and save a file. WHY?

I run OSX and Photoshop CS, a 6x8 Wacom Graphire4, and a Epson Perfection 4850 scanner. Since I bought my iMac two summers ago, I've had zero trouble with Photoshop-- eerily so. But about two weeks ago I started trying to scan in multiple files with my scanner, and I started having Photoshop crash any time I tried to save more than two files. OK, I got over my annoyance with that, thinking it was some bizarre new glitch when I scanned and saved, but now I was working on one file, saved it twenty minutes ago, tried saving it again just a minute ago, and it's crashed.

To my knowledge nothing new has happened in the last month or so, like an update or something. No new programs were installed, it's been a pretty uneventful time lately. I am baffled at why it just keeps crashing before I can save. It doesn't seem to matter whether I save it as a PSD or as a TIF, it just crashes when I save something more than once or twice.

Any idea what could cause this? I know it's probably a longshot, but maybe there's something I totally am not considering that would cause this. Nothing else has problems, except for the occasional Firefox lockup. I am hoping I don't have to go and shell out for a new copy of's getting pretty frustrating after a while.
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is it a hugemongous file? just wondering. Is it a different file size then what you are used to?
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Response by poster: No, it's typical size for me-- 600dpi lineart... I've done this many times, I use a recorded action to clean up lineart and save... so this is pretty confusing why it'd decide to crash now. It's crashed with 300dpi lineart as well.
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Response by poster: Intel iMac and version 10.4.11.

Thanks for that link-- I'll give it a shot with the Save As function. Getting desperate! :D
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, jamaro! I tried the TWAIN thing and so far (knock on wood) it's behaving more properly. Of course it could act up once I restart, but at least for now it's playing nice.

I guess if nothing else I'm glad it's not just me having this recent problem!
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Removing the TWAIN always worked for me. It can be kind of a paint to reinstall though.
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Pain, rather.
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