Why no Apples in (Bluetooth) Stereo?
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What's with Apple and A2DP (bluetooth stereo)?

No bluetooth stereo for the iPod.
No bluetooth stereo for the iPhone.
No bluetooth stereo for the Macbooks, Pro, and Air.

Do they just not want to play? Not being able to use my Bluetooth stereo headphones is making me stay a M$/Motorola customer.

Anyone have any insight/technowledge/rumors/conspriacy theories about why Apple won't support A2DP?
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Engadget says A2DP support in Leopard is "a little buggy, but it's definitely working". So that covers the laptops.

As for iPod and iPhone, since they're running a version of OS X now, it should be easy enough for them to implement support. But I can't see them bringing it to market without their own Bluetooth stereo earphones, and there are any number of reasons why that might be hung up (most of them having to do with parts suppliers).
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So far, I'd say it's been a combination of things - Apple is (generally) reluctant to include something that's not seriously ready for the mass audience. Understanding the multiple bluetooth protocols and what does/doesn't work is still more work than plugging in a 3.5mm headphone cable. Apple is also loath to affect battery life (supposedly the big reason iPhones aren't 3g yet) and perceived sound quality, early A2DP implementations weren't always great at either. Also, not that many people are clamoring for it yet. If it can be put in cheaply, easily, and without affecting how the iPod works (one of its identifying traits has always been how 'simple' it is to use), we'll see it, but just yet, it's not hurting them NOT having it in there.
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