Rear bike rack for a VW New Beetle
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Anybody know the make and model of a bike rack that can be used on the rear end of a VW New Beetle? I know Volkswagen makes a top-mounted rack accessory, but I don't want to be lifting my heavy bikes up that high. Bonus points if you have successfully mounted it on your own Beetle in this lifetime. Holding 2 bikes would be fine, 3 would be even better.
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I have a VW Beetle. Mine is a Thule. It's an older model so I don't think the make is applicable, but its the same type for standard cars, it has the bar that sits high on the window and the lower bar sits right at the window line. There are clips that hook on the top of the hatch back and the lower clips on the bottom. The only difference between how this is used on a beetle vs a regular car is that you need to extend the bars pretty far out to sit on the rear glass. I can get two bikes on mine, and it's pretty solid, I've gone as far as NJ to Maine with two bikes on the back and two kayaks on the roof. I suggest heading to a bike shop that has trunk mounted bike racks and they can direct you to the best for your car.
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i have seen the Saris bones trunk rack carrying a bike or two at many of my duathlons on VW Beetles. i have not owned either thing, but all of the people i have talked to with this rack love it. i think you need an optional piece though. search on the Saris Fit page to get the full info.
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Although it's currently unavailable on Amazon, this one is even pictured on a new Beetle. You may be able to find one elsewhere.

I've got a similar one with a different brand name (Enflite, I think), and it's served me well for 12+ years on all sorts of vehicles from hatchbacks to non-hatch cars to an old VW van.
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I use the Bones rack mentioned above on my New Beetle. I am very satisfied with it.
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This piqued my interest because I've often wondered why these racks weren't more common.

After a little more searching, it looks like they're discontinued and hard to find. Here's one on Seattle Craigslist for a good price (don't know the seller, no connection, etc) but it doesn't mention if he'd ship it or not.

This retailer has one for a crazy-high price. (Again, no connection to the seller.)

If you can find one for a decent price, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Another option is getting a trailer hitch and a hitch rack. That's more of an investment, but it could be nice, functionally. I think Graber, here in Madison has one of those (I saw in your profile that we're neighbors!) as well as the Saris racks mentioned above.
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Thirding the Saris Bones rack. Not too expensive (had one until I upgraded car & rack), and they seem to fit almost any car.
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