Hashish delivery. How does it work?
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Help me with some of the details of a fictional scene involving a hashish purchase.

I'm working a hashish-related plotline into a short story, and I realized that while I've smoked hash, I've never purchased it, or even seen it in any form other than already mixed into a joint of otherwise dubious quality.

However, I'm thinking about writing a scene that involves a visit from a hash delivery service in San Francisco, and I'd like to get the details right.

How much would a casual, but regular (upper-middle class, white-collar) user buy at one time, what would it cost them, what sort of packaging would it come in (baggie? tin-foil? bottle?), and what would they likely store it in? Would they tip the delivery person?
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It's been a long long time, but it used to come in tin foil in grams, I believe. Like thumbtip-size chunks. I have no idea what it costs now. You'd probably buy two or three chunks. You'd likely store it in a film container or other airtight container. I don't know the tipping etiquette. I suppose an offer of a couple of tokes?
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OK, I haven't been to San Francisco or the continental US since before I ever smoked pot, but if there's any similarity in drug cultures (and I bet there are) then you'll be relieved to know that you've got a lot of artistic licence to play with here, there aren't that many rules to follow.

In Aus, we'd buy a gram of hash (I wish, we never see it) for personal consumption for the weekend. Now we're older, we'd buy a bit more which would last longer. In india we bought a tola at a time, ~11g.

Any sort of packaging. Tin foil would work though.

I only ever bought in person, not via delivery service, and tipping is not part of Aus culture. Sharing a taste of the product is though.
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Way back when I was in the UK, in the 70s, we bought in ounce, or half-oz or 1/4 or lesser division, depending on funds. One oz cost about 100 UK pounds iirc. Once 'a friend' bought a key, and it came in a paperback-sized block with a beautiful gold stamp. Tinfoil wrap was used for small amounts; the kilo came in clingfilm. When we moved to SF hash was rare, but we bought weed in similar quantities. Quantity really depends on the purchaser's pocket, and the packaging depends on the vendor (plastic bags, mostly, for weed, but sometimes tinfoil, sometimes just a piece of paper.)
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I kind of doubt there's enough hash going around any US city these days to justify a delivery service - it's a rare sight pretty much everywhere. A high-end pot delivery service would be much more realistic.
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Marijuana (or hash) delivery in San Francisco is likely to come via the Green Cross.
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(Your white-collar, regular user has almost certainly gone through the minimal effort of procuring a prescription that will gain them access to cannabis clubs.)
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Back in the day, the hash we got came wrapped in foil. The basic size was, roughly, that of a marble. Obviously, we weren't anywhere near the top of the food chain the way anadem was. Just kids out for a serious stone.
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Once 'a friend' bought a key, and it came in a paperback-sized block with a beautiful gold stamp. Tinfoil wrap was used for small amounts; the kilo came in clingfilm.


Moroccon Hash

According to the United Nations, the region exports 1,000 tonnes a year, providing 80% of European hash-smokers' needs, and nearly one-third of the world's.

If you are lucky you can find a picture of a full bar with the stamp in tact, that is the holy grail if you can A) find it and B) afford it

Everything else is kind of home grown scraps, usually various grades of bubble hash that wouldn't lend themselves (in form, packaging or quality) to such fantastic literary descriptions as the previous examples.
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Here's how I'd go about getting drugs and connections.
Be open about smoking weed. Find likeminded people, and then get dealer numbers.
Some dealers deliver, some receive you at home, some meet you in a public place.
Hash usually comes as a dark brown solid substance or soft, depending. pictures of hashish.
It'd come in a plastic baggie or a tinfoil.
If I was gonna get some good, cheap hash, I'd get at least 5 grams at 10 to 20$ a gram.
I'd store it in my smoking paraphenelia bag, along with my weed and smoking product.
I'd smoke it using a pipe or hot knives.
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There's a fair amount here in NYC these days, and I know delivery people that sell it, but yeah, it's usually as a extra product alongside their main line of high end smoke, so I'd probably work the scene that way rather than as a "hash delivery service"
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