Looking for (Fictional) Surveillance Film
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I'm looking for a short film I watched online of an (fictional) surveillance of an apartment, with the camera pointed for the entire length of the film at a black and white monitor in the van and the four remote feeds displaying on it.

The (FBI agent? police?) watching the monitor talk about what they're seeing and other things in voice-overs. Eventually, an agent goes into the apartment, and they watch him walk around. The guy they're looking for shows up as the film heads toward its close.

I know I watched it online sometime in the last couple years.
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Best answer: Ooh! I know this!

It's a short film called "Hello, Frank", made by the folks over at Waverly Films. They do good work, both comedic and dramatic stuff, and you should check it all out. I especially liked "Long Island Gamers" and "The Werewolf Solution". Their trailer for "Tenderfoot" was also pretty awesome, though I don't think the film itself is available outside of their old school's film department anymore, and it seems the trailer itself has been scrubbed from the site...
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Scratch that last part -- they're still hosting the trailer for Tenderfoot here. I had to type it in manually, though -- there are no links to the video anywhere on the site.
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Best answer: All the stuff Rhaomi mentioned is over on their YouTube channel, too. See Floating Head, for instance. Hilarity!
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks a lot!
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Gee, thanks guys. Watched it, and now I'm kinda freaked...
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