Whence the Weirdo's Wall Walker?
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MuppetFilter: Can anyone remember the (or any) episode of the Muppet Babies in which young Gonzo freaks out about the Wall Walker, a monster no one has ever seen that lives inside the walls of the closet and terrifies me for my entire childhood?
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I can vouch for that sounding super familiar, but I can't find anything to verify anywhere. If it makes you feel any better, I have spent the better part of my life deathly afraid of the Martians on Sesame Street (they can teleport through walls! How could we ever stop them!?!).
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Derail: This kind of thing is called Nightmare Fuel. For me it was Mummenschantz.
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Ahhhh. I guess they did show him. Damn. I always thought he was kind of a boogey man only invoked but never actually encountered. Thanks though!
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Sounds like they're saying "Wall Wonker."
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