Where to find affordable housing in Buffalo, NY?
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Going to see girlfriend in Amherst/Buffalo, NY over spring break. Bought (non-refundable/changeable) airfare, just found out that she doesn't get to stay in her dorm and has to live in a big room shared with all other students staying on during spring break. We're both students - is there any specific place the hive mind would recommend to get *affordable* off-campus housing (student or otherwise) for a week during spring break? Hopefully something we can book in advance? Need Internet.
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Best answer: There's a Residence Inn right by campus that's good for extended stays, but I'm not sure if it really meets your definition of "affordable." There's also a Red Roof Inn right near campus, I think they give you free internet. Buffalo really isn't a big enough city to have hostels or anything - but it's also not really a big enough city to have outrageous hotel prices. Does your girlfriend maybe know anyone in the on-campus apartments (Hadley, Flint, South Lake) who's going away for spring break and wants an apartment sitter?
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I don't know anything about Buffalo, but it seems that there is a HI hostel that offers private rooms for $60/night. It looks like Motel 6 would probably be a better idea (~$45/night).
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You can stay with my in-laws who live near Duffs in Amherst, but then you'd be staying with my in-laws. Check some of the motels near the airport, about a 10 minute drive from the UB campus.

I would also have your girlfriend post an ad wherever the ride share type boards are seeking private room for rent for the week. When I was a student, if I could rent my room out while I wasn't usinjg it, I would have taken the money and ran. Maybe a fraternity or sorority house needs someone to house sit for the week?
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Can you buy a tent and go camping somewhere? Maybe packing up and stopping at internet cafes during the day?
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Have you considered couch surfing?
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Can you buy a tent and go camping somewhere? Maybe packing up and stopping at internet cafes during the day?

I live in Buffalo.
This is very much not recommended.
"Spring" break is more accurately called "snow or torrential downpours of late winter" break. The few campgrounds within an hour of the city (two I can think of) aren't even open yet. Spring break is in March, snow is common through April.

Buffalo does have a hostel. It's downtown, in the theater district. Supposed to be nice, from what I know.
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Haha. I see how laughable my suggestion is now. Silly Californian says "just go camping, it'll be great!"
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