Looking for Hotel McRitzy Bits: Where to stay in Portland, OR?
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Looking for lodging of the highest order in Portland, OR.

I'm going to Portland (OR) for weekend trip in late February, and am looking for a very nice accommodations. I've done the Kennedy School before, and have mixed reviews/feelings about The Heathman and others.

I'm looking for uncompromising comfort, a fair bit of luxury and perhaps some unexpected amenities. Anything on par with Seattle's Hotel 1000 or Vancouver's Opus Hotel, would be great. I don't have any restrictions for budget or neighborhood.

Am I overlooking something special? Where would you stay if you were looking for a luxurious getaway in PDX?
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Hotel Lucia is really nice!
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There's The Ace... haven't stayed there myself, but it's definitely unexpectedish. If you're a cyclist, the in-house fleet of bikes is a plus.
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I researched it about 3 years ago when i thought i had to travel to Portland for business and I remember reading that the Westin downtown is supposed to be good; maybe something better opened in the meantime though
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(I ended up not going to Portland, so I can't really say, but I remember the Westin was supposed to be the place to stay)
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here's the link
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I thought the Kimpton boutique hotel there was awfully nice. It's called the Monaco. Rooms were perfectly quiet, very comfortable, great service, very pretty, great location. I've stayed there twice and enjoyed it quite a bit. I can't afford to stay there on my next trip, but would if I could.
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Isn't there a luxury hotel overlooking the Columbia near Portland?
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I have not seen any reviews for The Ace nationally, but their stationary is very nice.
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I stayed at the Avalon Hotel and Spa a few weeks ago and was very happy with the lodging, the spa, and the restaurant.
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I stayed in a Monaco in San Francisco and New Orleans, and they were both lovely. I'm very partial to Kimptons in general (the service is generally very, very good) so I'd say that's totally worth looking into.
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parmanparman: Ace Portland have clippings on their annoying Flash site... the "Press Book" is the linen-covered book behind the green leather Ace Hotel book. It's easy to overlook. Yes, I want to stab someone for making me say something like that eight years into the 21st century.

panamax: The only hotel overlooking the Columbia that I can think of is the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach. They do claim to be Resort Style, but that surprises me, frankly. It sure looks dumpy when I've driven past it.
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I stayed at the Ace in Seattle because it seemed cool (mid-century modern furniture) and a lot of people seemed to be into it. It was uncomfortable and kind of horrible.

I've stayed at both the Monaco and Westin here in Portland; both are nice, neither is special. I have a slight preference for the Monaco because the Westin beds were too hard (only a couple blocks from each other). The Monaco stocks L'occitane products.
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We live 2 hours from Portland. When we want ritzy, we stay at the Hotel Monaco (formerly the 5th Avenue Suites).
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I've stayed in a few of the places mentioned, and the one that I think most resembles Hotel 1000 (I've never stayed there, just looking at the website) is K8T's recommendation of Hotel Lucia. It's newer-upscale, and less fuddy duddy than places like The Heathman. I stayed once a few years ago and had a great time.

Of the other "modern" places in town, The Ace hotel is a bit more bohemian than it sounds like you're looking for (similar to some McMenamins, they have some shared bathrooms) and the Jupiter Hotel is like a 60's motor lodge with IKEA furnishings. They both look neat, but you might be happier staying somewhere with creature comforts and just grabbing a cup of coffee at the Ace.
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I too have stayed at the Ace. It is far from a luxury hotel. Its about as comfortable and luxurious as you'd expect a disco club to be. It *looks* cool, but sure as heck is not luxurious.
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Yeah, the Red Lion is not what you are looking for, river-view resort-style or not. It was full of conventioneers, room service trays, and dripping wet children with swim goggles when I was there.
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Have you thought of McMenamins?
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I just went by the Inn at Northrup Station and it looked pretty cool. It's right off 23rd and around the corner from Wildwood and Paley's Place -- both well-known for Northwest deliciousness and $$$ food. It's also on the streetcar line and you have the rest of 23rd and 21st for shopping.

The Ace is sort of like ReadyMade magazine -- diy meets modern. It's funky and has a pretty lobby. The block its on has become quite delicious -- Kenny and Zuke's, Stumptown Coffee and Clyde Common. However, that area late at night gets LOUD with stupid people. For that reason alone, I'd avoid it unless you're one of those LOUD people who'll be staying out very late.
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Hotel Lucia gives a 10% discount if you say you're a Mario's client coming to shop there.
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I've stayed at the Inn at Northrup Station, and while it was super cool and hip and comfy, I would not call it luxurious or fancy.

How about The Benson?
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the lucia definitely if you want modern luxury.
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The Lucia is the only one that feels at all like a "luxury" hotel. There just aren't places in PDX that are over the top posh. I've stayed in the others mentioned and Lucia just feels hip, very calm, arty, and cool. The rooms are small - get one of the larger ones on the corner. There's beautiful art in the lobby, it's attached to a decent Thai restaurant, and Peet's is right on the next corner.

I thought the Heathman was pretty dismal. The Paramount is OK - nice lobby, but threadworn interiors.
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I've stayed at both Hotel 1000 and Lucia and Lucia is similar in its aesthetic but is not as fancy. It's definitely the nicest place I've stayed in Portland, though.
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I stayed at The Benson. It's nice. The Westin is nicer though. Better beds/showers, and better Valets.
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