Good basketball DVDs?
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Best Instructional DVD for Basketball?

My nephew is going to college next year and he wants to try to walk on to his college team. I want to get him a good DVD that can help him design an off-season training and practice program to improve his individual game. Does anyone have any experience with the Five Star DVDs, the Steve Nash ones, the Magic Johnson ones or any other products?
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Being a decent high school basketball player, and having a kid from my 120 person high school go on to play D-1 on scholarship I would tell you that a DVD isn't going to have a greater impact on his ability than actual on court experience/instruction. Especially at a level of potentially being able to play at a college level. Since playing in college is a legitimate option for your cousin, could you sponsor him to play on a high level club team, or send him to a highly regarded basketball camp in your area? I know my university stages basketball camps during the summer, headed by the assistant basketball coaches. I benefitted tremendously from summer camps and leagues.
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As a long time youth sports coach, I agree with clearly that participation in supervised basketball programs such as camps, leagues and clinics conducted by experienced and knowledgeable coaches would be more beneficial than any basketball DVD.

The eyes of an expert, to observe and influence the progress/development being made, are essential to honing skills and proper techniques in any sport. It is very easy for novices to unwittingly get into bad habits and then reinforce those flawed techniques with practice. Obviously a DVD cannot provide the necessary oversight and intervention.

Remember that "practice makes permanent" and that "perfect practice--not practice--makes perfect" Encourage your nephew to continue to work on his game under the eyes of real, hands on coaches.

A DVD such as Magic Johnson's "The Fundamentals of Basketball" may help stimulate and motivate him and keep him focused but should not be the end all solution.
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