Can you help me find a children's record player from my youth?
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I'm looking for a very specific (Fisher Price?) record player from my childhood.

It looked very much like the clamshell-type Fisher Price Record Player of the late 70s/early 80s, but here's the thing: it had small glass lightbulbs and something like bike reflector tape along the inside of the top shell, and when you played a record, the lights flashed and reflected off the decals, throwing flashing rainbows around the room if you had the lights off. At least, that's how I remember it.

It was sized for 45s, but also played LPs (like the Fisher Price model). It may very well have been a Fisher Price model - I'm not sure. I probably got it in 1983 - no later than 1985.

I like the Fisher Price models, but I'm looking for this one in particular, and after months of searching, am about to give up.
posted by mamessner to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation (2 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite is the best site for historical info on vintage Fisher Price stuff.

Here is their page listing the record players made by FP over time. I don't see anything like what you are describing listed. Are you sure of the brand?
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Response by poster: I'm definitely not sure of the brand. That list is the most exhaustive I've seen. I'm guessing it was an off-brand trying to ride the success of FP.

This record player has become my "Rosebud" - I remember being so happy at age 4 listening to Michael Jackson 45s with the lights off, my whole room lit up like a disco.
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